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DiGiTaL ArT - 6

Couple of weekend doodling on  the IPAD, art application; procreate.

I am quite happy with the way the slice of papaya turned out. But, I could not spend the same amount of time on the other objects as natural light does not lasts for long these days.

In this picture I was wanting to capture shadows of the vase and the flowers; well.. I am not very pleased with the final result.

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Until next project,


A still life in collage

I wanted to experiment a still life composition in collage/applique medium.  For a start, I chose few objects I thought would be easy shapes to cut and organise.  I specially used the pitcher for its shape and other details. I have used it many times in my art projects.

My attempt was study and stitch light and shadow effects but I could not accomplished a lot in this as I was feeling a little lazy look for details. 

Thank you for stopping by,
Until next project, xxx, Gaia

A happy and a healthy new year

A pot of blue water lily and lotus

I have added one more colour to my natural dyed fabrics. These  few pieces are black berry dyed. The pile is growing and I like to experiment.

All fabric used here are my natural dyed ones. The finished project is about 15x17 inches.

My attempt was to get the likeness of blue water lily, as well as the lotus buds. I placed the material accordingly, so I would get the colours I had in mind for the flowers and the pot.
[click on the images if you want to enlarge]

I tried my best keep the back of the piece as clean as possible.  This time I am quite pleased with the final result. These types of work does take time and some patience.

Thrift store items

Last but not least couple of interesting finds at the thrift store apart from my usual fabric. I have had not much luck finding knickknacks.

It was the picture that caught my eye in here. I paid 0.99cents for it. However, when I got home I did a bit of google search as I was curious and le…