My blanket of many colours - part 2 [learning left hand crochet]

I have manged to make about 10 larger squares joining 4 smaller ones.  Most of the yarn are left-overs that I get from the local thrift stores, so they don't have labels; but I have manged to get quite a lot with similar texture and some lovely colours too.

I still don't know how big I want to make this blanket. But for sure, what I have made so far is not sufficient.

I am noticing my skills are improving.

I also picked up this craft book, on one my recent visits to thrift store. It is all about sunflowers; crochet, knit and some felting.


I tried a few of the patterns. I struggled with the written instructions at times, however there are charts for all the patterns, which I found useful.

I added a pin to one of the flowers and made a brooch to wear in my spring jacket. I love it :)

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vintage inspired ...

tea cosy...
This flowered material was a blouse, (i could not take a picture before i cut it) that I found at a thrift store over a decade ago. Even though it was a  little too big for me, I still bought it because I loved colours and the flowers.

While sorting out the chest of drawers recently,I came upon the blouse, and since I am not wearing it, I of thought of using the material in craft projects. The first idea came to my mind was to make a tea cosy, so I went with that....

I hand stitched everything; and am quite happy with the final result.

Lets all have tea !!!

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