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When I started this blog, in my very first post I wrote, " I still have sewing projects I did, when I was about 8-9 years old". Even though I said that, I was not really sure I had them. So, when I visited my mother last December, I looked for them in my old room.

And, here are some of them.

I had put labels long time ago when sorting things out, to know which grade I had done them.

Introduction for the stitches was the first lesson. We used gunny sack/jute. These are from Grade 2. The neatly done stitches, I am sure belongs to the class teacher. This one is about 35 yrs old now.

This table runner/cover is from Grade 3.

The hexagon, place mat is from grade 5.

Little girl's dress is from grade 7.

They all are a little discoloured, torn from places (after all the years). I had kept them in plastic covers with sandalwood sachets in them. I washed, and dried them in the beautiful tropical sun, packed and brought back with me.

ps. you can read a bit more about me in here. That is my very first post.


  1. Aww ... feeling nostalgic ( I am sure you do too everytime you see these ) ... great blog ...

  2. How wonderful that you still have these treasures from your childhood. I used to love to make doll clothes for my barbie dolls when I was a girl, but I don't have any of them left.

    You definitely had the gift within ... it's evident even in this pieces you did so very young.

  3. Hi Gaia... can you imagine, I somehow read about you just now.. Surely you belong to artistic kind :)) Since childhood!


January creative makes ...

I finished the jute piece. I have not yet thought about how I want to complete the sides and, if I want to make in to a wall hanging....

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