Kantha Work - first attempt

This is my contemporary take on this ancient form of folk art.It roots are from the Indian state of West Bengal and Bangladesh. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakshi_Kantha  This wikipedia page provides some detailed information and also has links to read and see some very rare and unique work. 

I got interested after seeing some cushion covers that my brother brought home after visiting one of the kantha making villages in Bangladesh. He explained as to how the women were sewing. I wanted to learn more about this, so I searched the web for Indian embroidery methods and patterns. 

I used three layers of white voile; first tacked them in place and drew the pattern [which I had sketched previously] using freehand, as it is said to have done in the past. This results the work having more of an asymmetrical look. Well, I do not know how much my design have such a look.

It is also noted that the traditional colours used in kantha work are red, blue, green and black. I however, incorporated few other colours as well.  I used dark blue thread and outlined the design in 'running stitch' which is the main stitch used in kantha.  The rest is filled in using same stitch, and other colours which I thought were suitable.

 I completed this piece a couple of weeks ago, and it took about 3 months.

I still wonder, whether I should have filled in the centre which I left in white. And, I also just noticed that I have not done the little bird's legs .... Does that look incomplete?

I have started yet another piece and look forward to see how it will turn out.


A Rustic Quilt

I was at a bargain store recently,and came across these printed cotton scarfs. I immediately thought of a quilt.

They were of perfect size and 50cents each. I chose go with these earthy tones.

Instead of batting, I used one of my old cotton bed sheets . I used thrift store material for the backing and for the rest of the boarder. The thread I used for quilting were crochet; 25cents each from a neighbourhood garage sale.

The squares are not pieced exactly to the precision as it was my intention to create more of a rustic look.

The total cost is less than 10dollars :)

I do like the feel of it. What do you think?


Still Life

I created these using an application called procreate on IPAD. It is fast, and you can draw without any worry about paint getting all over your clothes. :)  However, I  found it difficult to do finer lines and shading, as it is hard to maneuver the tip of your finger the way one does with the paint brush.

glass pitcher
I enjoyed my first experience and look forward to do few more....


What do you think of these ? Do I get an A for effort ? :)


Tree of Life

This is one of my completed quilted projects. It is a wall hanging for my living room.

I used blanket stitch to sew the cut out patterns. And also some running and chain stitches. I love the little nest with the baby birdies and their mother bringing them food. Don't they look so cute and hungry?

A moment in life.........


First Step

 I’m a  42yr old single woman. I have been drawn to creative work since I was a child. I still do have some of the sewing I did in school when I was about 8-9yrs old.

I was born, raised and lived in a beautiful city called kandy; in a small island on the Indian ocean.[hence, I chose it to be part of my blog address] I left my home a decade or so ago and now live in a big metropolis on the other side of the world. What an experience so far!

I work full time, and during my spare time I do painting and crafts among other things.  Lately I have been thinking of writing a picture journal of my creative pursuits.  So finally, I gathered courage to start this blog.

Most of my [99%] projects are hand made/stitched. I often incorporate recycled, scarps and other thrift store findings in my creations.

Thank you for stopping by, my door is always open if you wish to join me for a cup of tea J

xx ...


p.s. [I do apologize for any grammatical errors in my writing, as English is not my mother tongue].

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