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Crewel wool elephant....

Here is my completed piece. I really did enjoy working with crewel wool, and I also like the way it turned out. I have some more wool left, and I have drawn another pattern to work on.

Crochet ...
Yarn for my projects usually does come from the thrift store, so when I got these pretty coloured wool from a friend I was thrilled; I started making Petal  Squares right away...

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Thanksgiving weekend...

Learning Embroidery

I completed few more new stitches;  threaded backstitch, petal  stitch, leaf stitch, bullion stitch. 
My stitches are still not so neat as I want them to be.

My latest project is leaning embroidery with Crewel Wool.  I drew up small pattern to work on. I do like the texture that the thread gives with the satin stitch.


Autumn Saree Quilt some progress has been made in quilting as well;  it is quite a long way from being finished though.

Teapot shaped coasters...



...... for your tea anytime of the day !!!
I made these coasters as a part of exchange for a Tea and Card group ,which I joined this summer. Our first holiday was Thanksgiving.

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