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Small reversible quilt - part 3 and Lacey square cushion

I took a break from crocheting and did bit of stitching. I did go a little further with my quilt....I have come to an end, on one of the sides.

Still a long way to the finish.

I, still could not resist, and had to finish the lacey square cushion I had in mind. So, here it is finally done.

I joined squares using a bit thicker yarn (what I had) then added buttons to the panel to make it bit more fancy. The buttons are not exactly what I would have liked.

Then,  slip stitched the panel to the blue material.

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til next time, xxx, Gaia

Lacey Square [learning left hand crochet]

This is my lesson on Lacey Square.

I am quite pleased with the results.  Even though, the orange squares are a little bit smaller than the yellow ones I am thinking of joining them to make a small cushion.

I also tried this flower.

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Crossed doubles [learning left hand crochet]

This is my lesson on the stitch pattern described as crossed doubles in Crochet Stitches book.

Even though,I manged to figure this the pattern without pulling my hair too much :), I did not get the foundation stitches correct, so I had problems at the end of the row.

this one is a bit better than the previous attempt.

I think this pattern will work nicely for a scarf or on dishcloth.

Also, couple more Petal Squares; these ones finally turned out alright. Yay !! for the left hander :)

I have been spending more time learning crochet these days and less time on other needlework projects I have started.  As, I browse through the book, I see that there is so much I do not know and wants to keep on going ................

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Petal Square - [learning left hand crochet]

I came across this crochet book, recently at the thrift store.

It is published in 1972, in Toronto, Canada. There is no information about the writer though only her name. The original cost of the book is $3 and it says no tax! I paid 0.99 cents for it. I'm very pleased that I found this book.

It has so much information for a beginner like me even though it written for right handed people. It only has black and white pictures of each explained stitch but no diagrams, just the written instructions. I think, reading the instructions several times will make me understand better.

I was eager to try something out; this is the Petal Square;

I noticed that usually rows start at somewhere in middle, maybe because each corner has more than 2  chain spaces. This pattern has 5 chain spaces. I was able to get the stitches alright up to the 4th row, but the last one is still to be worked out properly.

The saffron coloured wonky one is the first one I tried. The green turned out a little better.

My first crocheted scarf [learning left hand crochet]

I have tried my hand on knitting scarves and they have turned out alright and I use them all. This is my very first attempt on a crocheted scarf.

The pattern and the instructions are from It is called Freedom scarf. I watched the left hand video of it several times and followed the graph rather than the written instructions. Thank you...CrochetGeek.

 I used 4mm hook and my thirfted grey and blue yarn. I think it is a good match even though they were not yarn of the same variety.

There could be errors ... but overall it does look nice to me.

Just in time for the winter !................ next it will be one of those cowl/infinity scarves.

--------------------------------------------------- I also made another set of bottle-cap pincushions for a friend of a friend who wants them as 'christmas stocking stuffers'.  If you like to try these pincushions here is the link.

Lastly, a …