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DiGiTaL ArT - 10

Couple of recent drawings done on the IPAD.

vitamin C :)

tropical flowers

I am looking forward to the weekend, to continue crocheting my Granny Squares !! 
Thank you for stopping by,
xxx, Gaia

Granny Square -[learning to crochet left hand]

My Lesson 3-  PART 1

This granny square is described as 'traditional' in many YouTube videos, so I chose to learn it first instead of a more fancier version.  After watching couple of different tutorials [left hand] including I was able to grasp it quite fast this time. I am loving this !!

hope I got it right !

I don't have any more left over yarn, I have been practicing a lot.

Now, all I need is, to buy yarn for the project I have planned and get it started !

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Baby Afghan - [learning to crochet left hand]

My lesson 2 [left hand]
Solid Square Baby Afghan; here is the link I followed.

For my next lesson, I looked for something simple to start with and was excited when I found this project on the same website I learnt my basics. The instructions did say that it is suitable for a beginner. I still am not able to read the printed pattern well but after watching the demonstration video several times and ripping off and starting all over again many many times, I kind of figured out how it is worked. 

I counted each row to make sure the number of stitches it should have. There were moments I thought I was never going to understand how this worked, but I did not give up ! 
I also learnt how to change colours.....

... and how do reverse single crochet for the edging ....

.... and how make chain stitch flowers ...

they are not perfect yet

This was a good practice piece. [it measures roughly about 25x25 inches] Now that I have complet…

Tea Cozy -2

Once again these are created using material from my bag of remnants to be given away as gifts.

Thank you for stopping by,
Until next time, xxx, Gaia

Learning to crochet [left handed]

Lesson 1
Since, I posted about my knitting journey, it inspired me to try and learn crocheting. So, I went out got a needle (4.5mm). I did not know exactly how to choose a needle, after browsing various sizes I chose something which I thought is of a medium size. And, as for yarn there is plenty of left-over from knitting projects for learning purposes.

This time via the internet;You Tube channel is my teacher. I searched videos for 'left handed crochet' and came up with several.
These two sites have good instructions for any beginner and special instructions for left handers.

While watching the demonstrations I took down notes in a way I can understand, and after several failures manged to do the samples of each stitch. [not photographed well]

I still need to practice a lot and also need to understand the terminology before trying to figure out a printed pattern. I hope some day soon I would be able to do so.

Lesson one is…