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Saffron and Marigold flower quilt...

Part 1.
I am excited to show you the first saffron flower I completed. I did quite a lot of stitching on the weekend to to finish the block.

*Taking photos different times of the day; same fabric in lighter shade above.

These blocks will measure approximately 22x22 inches. I am hoping to add more details after when I add the backing.

Bit of the the marigold flower too.

Thank you for taking time to stop by,

till my next post,

Saffron flower ...

Saree Quilt

I hope you will not get tired seeing another saree quilt of mine. I could not resist when I came across this cotton saree at the thrift store couple of months ago, for $4.99. I love the colour, and as soon as I saw, I knew I would want to make quilt.

The golden colour of the material inspired me to start with a saffron flower, and while sketching patterns I also thought about adding a marigold flower.

For the saffron flower, I am using folded bias tape cut out from a blue voile, and as for the marigold flower, I still have not decided how it should be done.

I have made some progress on the ripple pattern as well.

Thank you for coming by today,
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Elephants, Peacocks and Paisley

bohemian saree quilt ....

After many thousands of stitches by hand, finally my bohemian quilt is done. Even though the weather was rather gloomy today, I could not wait, but wanted to take some pictures to post.

So, what you do think of it? I don't know if I should have done more work on each block. 

 There are sixteen blocks in all,

and in one of the blocks I stitched a pattern instead of an applique.

What a feeling it was to do the last stitch. 
I wanted to edit the pictures to a collage but my computer hard drive is crashed and, I am using an old laptop which is not helping me a lot.

I am already thinking about the next saree project. 
Thank you for stopping by today,
till my next post, Gaia