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Wasteful Art !

When you  buy bread or certain times packaged vegetables [at the supermarket] the plastic bags they come in are secured with  these types of tabs. [may not be the correct word for it]

I have been collecting the tabs for awhile just to see how much of a plastic pile I can make.

While the collection grew, I had sketched few ideas how to use them. This is an experimental mixed media project. Apart from the tabs, I also incorporated used tea bags, scraps of fabric, and lots of acrylic paint.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself doing the project; but I do not know how well my idea is presented here.


This magazine was featured in many crochet blogs in the past month, and it did look interesting. So, when I saw it at the book store, I wanted to treat myself, and here's my copy. :)

It has a small crochet project included; yarn and a hook to make a snowflake.

The instructions are in UK terms. But it does have guide with all the abbreviations and US terms, in one of the…

Crochet lessons continue ... [learning left hand crochet]

Point Stitch...

Learning stitches in a row is still difficult, as I always end up having either extra or less amount of stitches. Counting multiples and then adding the plus number to make the foundation chain still a struggle.

Cross Square

Octagonal Motif [left] and Octagonal shells [right]

Hexagonal motif [left] and Spider's web motif [right]

Lacey Circle [left] and Circular motif [right]

I have completed the all the motifs in the guide book, but there many more stitches that I have to learn.

A very dear friend sent these yarn for me. They are hand dyed merino wool, so soft and I love colours. I am thinking of a scarf but not sure if I want it knitted or crocheted.  So,I will do some practice lessons; hopefully that will help me to decide.

Thank you for taking time to stop by,
til next time, xxx, Gaia