Saturday, 14 December 2013

Wasteful Art !

When you  buy bread or certain times packaged vegetables [at the supermarket] the plastic bags they come in are secured with  these types of tabs. [may not be the correct word for it]

I have been collecting the tabs for awhile just to see how much of a plastic pile I can make.

While the collection grew, I had sketched few ideas how to use them. This is an experimental mixed media project. Apart from the tabs, I also incorporated used tea bags, scraps of fabric, and lots of acrylic paint.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself doing the project; but I do not know how well my idea is presented here.


This magazine was featured in many crochet blogs in the past month, and it did look interesting. So, when I saw it at the book store, I wanted to treat myself, and here's my copy. :)

It has a small crochet project included; yarn and a hook to make a snowflake.

The instructions are in UK terms. But it does have guide with all the abbreviations and US terms, in one of the back pages. I think I manged to get it fairly right. There was enough yarn to make two; the second one turned out bit smaller as I made the stitches more tight.

Let it snow ! let it snow !

I am taking little time off from work to visit my mother. My mother is turning 70 yrs. in couple days, and my grand mother(mother's mum), is turning 93 yrs. They both have their birthday on the same day.  

I wish you all happy holidays and a peaceful 2014 !!!
See you in the new year..........

Thank you for taking time to stop by,

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  1. Hello Gaia, what a rare thing - the birthday of the mums on the same day. Have a nice time with them - I am sending you my season's greetings and wish you happiness in the new year.

  2. how nice Mum and Grandmother share the same birthday, have a good party. Very inventive with the bread tags, it is good to see useless bits made into something. here we get a sort of sticky tape so can`t save mine to send to you.

  3. I like the mixed media piece ... the effect of tiny windows from the bread tabs on teetering towers is what I see. The snowflake is very pretty too. I keep meaning to search for a knitted snowflake, but haven't had time as yet. Enjoy your visit with your mother & grandmother ... what fun birthday celebrations you must've had through the years with their birthdays on the same day! Are they both in Canada? Take care :) Wendy x