Hearts ! [my left hand crochet]

Pink  Hearts !

Another string of hearts ....
The yarn I used is acrylic worsted from the thrift store, the label says Hudson Bay Company.  But, I don't think they sell yarn these days [ i could be wrong], so this must be old.

Some hearts are little smaller than the others due a miscounting of the the stitches. I feel that I am getting better in understanding the stitches and adjusting tension when crocheting.

I tried, but cannot get a picture of the whole string in one shot, there is twenty of them and when everything was put together it became quite long.

I hope the lady who is going to receive this will like it as much as I enjoyed making it.

my achy breaky heart :) 

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Mixed media ....

 ...Wall hanging

This is the completed project.

On a piece of canvas I pasted the back ground fabric, then added the crocheted flowers, and leaves cut out from felt sheets.

I added  running stitches to the leaves for variety.. ..then some fabric flowers, and decorated with buttons..

blues skies .... and real sunshine through the window :)

it measures approximately 12x58 inches. I am not able to show the whole piece in one shot; my camera is old and it does not have many features.

.... and I have just the wall to put this up.

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Tiny hearts - [learning left hand crocheting]

I stumbled upon this lovely blog recently, which has every thing crochet. http://annemarieshaakblog.blogspot.ca/  When I saw this cute hearts tutorial, I wanted to make some for me too.

This is my left handed effort;

My hearts are different in sizes because I did not use exact same type of yarn for all of them. I just wanted to give it try; I used what I had with me. I did manged to follow the instructions, but most of all the pictures helped me a lot to understand. I think I made them alright.

I did add some beads to make it fancier.

Now, I  want to make more to please my happy heart :)

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