Autumn colours..

crochet triangle shawl..

I was able to put together, a sort a fall colour palate from my thrift-ed yarn lot. But don't think what I have so far will be sufficient for the size of shawl I have in mind; a trip to the thrift store is coming up  soon :)

I have also managed to add few more lines to the kantha quilt .....since the autumn light is not too favourable, I do most of the sewing on weekend mornings.

Tutorial for this can be found here;
I hand stitched everything; including all the details and used wadding instead of fusible webbing. I think it can be used either as a potholder or a hotpad.

 November sun and a walk in the park, I wanted to show the crocheted scarf I made this summer. 
(I m not good at taking selfie ....)

(a purchase from the thrift store, a pretty fridge magnet $1.99)

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Left-handed,left -over,left -over blanket

As you know, almost all of my crochet attempts, are done with thrift-ed yarn, with few exceptions. Most of these thrift-store bought yarn are left overs from others, occasionally I do find new ones with labels on. Since I started to learn crochet(2013), I too collected left-overs from left-overs :)

backing as well

and is my attempt on making a blanket out of them. It took about 10 months complete.
lots of ends to weave in

I used pure wool and acrylic but no cottons. There were some left-over granny squares from previous projects which I added.  It is an imperfect rectangle :)

....... Left-handed-left-over-left-over blanket ......

I gave the blanket to my cousin, she liked it a lot.

 .. this crochted scarf was for my aunt.

I have not done  much crafting lately, as I have been under the weather a bit. I think it is changing of the seasons.

lots of ginger tea helped...

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January creative makes ...

I finished the jute piece. I have not yet thought about how I want to complete the sides and, if I want to make in to a wall hanging....

Top 3 !