Learning embroidery..

working on my crewel wool piece and the progress is slow..

it feels like spring finally..

while walking around the city streets and parks..

cherry trees in bloom ..so pretty

plastic fun 

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Easter Weekend

These coasters were made for my friends of  the Tea Group that I belong. They were for the Easter exchange. I found the pattern here, and the tutorial was easy to follow. 


I also included each a; teabag art turned into books marks.

This peacock has been waiting to get completed for awhile. Since, I did couple of bigger projects during winter and, also the winter light is not so favourable for embroidery work, it was left in my craft box.  Last couple of weekends had enough daylight for me to finish it, although I am not very satisfied with my attempt; there is more room for improvement. I think it is to time for me to visit the optician too:)

A new project with crewel wool. I found these persian yarn skeins at the thrift store which says both needlepoint and crewel yarn. I did few small pieces before with crewel wool and I liked the texture it brings and I'm looking forward to start this one to see how it will turn out.

For those friends who celebrate, have a wonderful Easter weekend  !!!

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Burlap or (jute) cushion

Finally, I can show you what I did with the burlap piece I was working. I wish I was able to find a cushion more firmer. Once I finish the stitching , I folded in the extra space I left used blanket stitch to do the seams. I wanted to create a bohemian look, did I get that?

I must go by the the coffee shop for another bag..

This Sunday morning was warm and sunny, and I took the opportunity to walk  in and around my neighbourhood.

while walking saw signs of Spring ................ 

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May went by..

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