Crochet Baby Blanket..

A gift for a new born , he is three weeks old this week. His parents loved blanket and I hope he does too :)

For this project, it was all new yarn from the store, I used 3 balls of grey and one blue. The pattern is from Vogue Dictionary of Crochet stitches; it is a simple variation of half double crochet(hdc). The completed blanket measures about 38x38 inches.

to make it extra special, made it small applique too..

I did not forget work on the bohemian quilt.  After spending many week day nights sewing , I have almost finished quilting along the squares.

And, I found a very suitable piece of fabric for the border as well.

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Learning embroidery..

the process is slow and there so much to absorb..

In this piece  I experimented; double threaded backstitch; where I also learnt that, while passing the thread in opposite direction through the backstitch it is so easy to pick the adjoining stitches if you are not careful. The instructions does point that too.
And, in  basic couching I used regular embroidery floss but the book mentions that there is couching thread, but I think you can use any thread that suits the pattern and the fabric. Whipped stem stitch is done similarly to threaded backstitch.

My work did not finish as neat as I would have wanted it to be; at times I was in a hurry to see the end.

Happy Valentine's Day !!

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bit of crochet...

This toy giraffe project is from Susan Bates "left hand crochet guide". It was very easy to make; basically it is blocks of single crochet. I reduced the size in half. I also sewed in the other details instead of gluing them as per the tutorial because I want to give it to a baby.

It does look cute isn't it?

~ there was only bit of sunlight on the weekend to get few photos.

Work is continuing on the bohemian quilt; I have started running stitch pattern around the blocks, and well as the centre motifs.

can you hear me tweeting !!

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