Monday, 1 February 2016

bit of crochet...

This toy giraffe project is from Susan Bates "left hand crochet guide". It was very easy to make; basically it is blocks of single crochet. I reduced the size in half. I also sewed in the other details instead of gluing them as per the tutorial because I want to give it to a baby.

It does look cute isn't it?

~ there was only bit of sunlight on the weekend to get few photos.

Work is continuing on the bohemian quilt; I have started running stitch pattern around the blocks, and well as the centre motifs.

can you hear me tweeting !!

Thank you for stopping by today,

till my next creative post,


  1. what a lovely toy fr a baby your giraffe has worked well. Quilt coming along and yes I am sure your bird is tweeting.

  2. Love your cute giraffe Gaia! Will make a lovely baby present :) The quilt is looking fabulous, I'm in awe of your last piece of embroidery though - just gorgeous!
    Alison x

  3. This is such a cute giraffe! Reminds me of some toys my mother made for us when we were small (they were sewn). The quilt is coming along nicely. Love that little embroidered bird at the end ... what is he going to become? Very pretty :) Enjoy your week, sounds like we're in for some nasty wet weather tomorrow.

  4. The crochet giraffe is adorable, Gaia!

  5. What a cute giraffe you made and what a lucky baby will be the one who receives it!

    I recently did some hand quilting on a baby blanket and now realize how much work goes into your beautiful quilted pieces. Lovely.

    And the embroidered bird is great too!

  6. Such a cute giraffe and very nicely done too. Your bohemian quilt is coming along beautifully and your embroidered bird is very sweet.