I used a piece of raw silk and some lace trimmings that I got from yard sales.  The small problem I encountered was that, since the top part is rather narrow it would not rest properly on the surface. After trying few adjustments, I gave it a bead leg and now it is perfect.

Before I made this, I only had one pincushion, which was overflowing with pins. 

Saree quilt is coming along, I really should be spending more time on this one. 

I wanted to take break from crocheting to spend more time on  other projects  but I haven't been able to do. 

Last week, I was at my neighbourhood library and while browsing craft section,came across couple lovely crochet books.

Both books have numerous fancy patterns. I want to try a few patterns and write them down for future use.

I quite like the rose, can you spot the one I made? :)...... 

Thank you for stopping by for a peek,

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I took a break from crocheting and other sewing projects, to experiment on this cloth doll, making her brought back some nostalgia.of childhood.
I remember my mother sewing me a cloth doll when I was about 10 years. She had corn hair of golden colour, and has an orange flowered dress.

This pattern is from an Australian country patchwork magazine; was published about decade or so ago. It includes blocks for all the projects, and instructions.

I, however omitted  and changed some details, such as using paint to colour the boots, using felt markers, buttons, and using of a glue gun for attaching hair/hat. I did that because, I want to pass this on to a toddler and did not want to use any harmful items.

I hand sewed everything from body parts to dress and hair.. and making the tiny clothes were such a delight.

I would not mind trying few more projects from the magazine, which has another type of a doll.

I call her little 'May'

It is nice of you to stop by,
thank you,


My blanket of many colours...........

I did, finally complete the blanket of many colours yesterday;

I used all thrift-ed yarn of many textures and sheen, and no.3 hook for the squares and no. 4 hook for the border. The total cost roughly, I would say $20. Among all the other projects, it took me about 7 months to finish.

It was also a warm and a sunny saturday afternoon, to take these photographs at my neighbourhood park.

I am going to give this away as a gift for a sweet friend. I hope she will like it. And, I am thrilled that I manged to finish my first biggest crochet project.

My next crochet project is octagons;

It is nice of you to stop by...........,        
thank you,

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