Beginning of autumn....

In few more weeks, it will be the time of the year to wear all things warm and cozy...

I started this scarf at the latter part of  past spring, and did not get to finish until sometime during summer. I bought the yarn at my neighbourhood church yard sale for $2. There were couple of full balls and the rest half used.

The brand is called ZARA; made in Italy.  There was enough yarn to make a cowl scarf, that can be wrapped twice.

The pattern is from VOGUE Dictionary of Crochet Stitches; page 78; multiple of 5+1, 1 turning ch.

Autumn Saree Quilt .....
bit more progress in this project too.

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I spent some time this weekend on my embroidery piece.

I learnt; Petal Stitch and Bullion Stitch.


Over the Labour Day weekend, I had the opportunity visit st.jacobs country, a small beautiful town, north of Waterloo, Ontario.

I had a wonderful time browsing the through the shops, tasting some delicious food, and had a chance to explore the wonderful surroundings . I also bought few things to bring home.

locally produced honey, and apple butter..

 a corn broom, which is being produced on site. one of few stores that left in Canada.

... and couple of pieces of pottery.

yarn bowl..... what a treat :)

a sake set; love the colour, shape and  the glaze work

Since, I had left my camera at home, unfortunately I do not have photographs of the trip. But, here are couple of links about the town if you are interested.

shops at St.Jacobs

St.Jacobs Farmers Market

A swap with a blogging friend

Beginning of summer, my blogging friend Wendy, who writes the lovely blog; September Violetsand I had a little creative swap. I got these pretty things from her.

Thank you Wendy !!  ... for the lovely mug rug..

and here I am wearing the beautiful flower pin she made; on a recent visit to the Art Gallery.

Wendy also wrote a great post about our swap here. (it has pictures of what I sent her, a piece of embroidery and a crochet bunting)

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Quiet weekend

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