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Book cover

This is my first attempt to make a fabric cover for a note book.

For a friend who likes yellows and blues....

All the material came from my bag of remnants..and picture underneath [summer flowers captured by me] is the one I used as a reference.

Happy birthday Jeanne !!
Once finished, I noticed that there are places which I could have done better or differently, but overall I am happy with the result. ----------------
This small crochet project is still in the experimenting stage....

Yard Sale finds !
I have been to lots of yard/garage sales this summer. These pretty things, I got at a church rummage sale recently.  I have already planned to make something out from the craft magazine.

Thank you for taking time to stop by,

Until next time,

My blanket of many colours .....[learning left hand crochet]


While, yarn of various textures,pretty colours and good quality is expensive I don't won't to give up my new found passion; learning to crochet for that reason. Since, I utilise [most of the time] recycled, thrift-ed or given by friends, or friends of friends items in my other creative work, I choose to do the same for crocheting.

These yarn, I got are from the thrift stores for $1-2 each. I would have liked to work with cotton but not much luck so far. What I found was acrylic/worsted, [some had labels]something new to try. And also,a couple more of a softer variety. The ones which had labels are from Sears and Hudson Bay Company, I never knew those companies sold/sell yarn.  I am making solid squares of five rounds;

...... and it is a long way to the end ..............

reminds me of  the song 'MyCoat ofmanycolours' ..............

My coat of many colors
That my momma made for me
Made only from rags
But I wore it so proud…