Quiet weekend

First day of spring ......

A very BIG thank you for all the front-line workers who are working tirelessly to keep us safe, at this critical time.

Past few days staying home from work, I had time to work on my creative pieces. I bought few tee shirts from the thrift store which I cut into strips, they add a different texture. I am also adding pieces of velvet,felt and other thick yarn.

quiet moment....the new normal 
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Learning something new...

first piece

While browsing you-tube I came across rug hooking videos and, several tutorials (not many left hand ones though) later I made my first small piece.

For my second piece, I sketched a more detailed pattern. I am experimenting with different types of textures. So far, I have used bits and pieces of yarn, felt, velvet and, t-shirt material.

Scrap quilt is coming long..

 Today there was beautiful sunshine, for me to spend some time with my projects.

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Things I did in June....

Inspiration and, my interpretation of Gustav Klimt - The Kiss I am pleased with my effort here. Two small collage/applique pieces.  as my gu...

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