On my last post I showed you a little wheelbarrow (ornament) I picked up at a church yard sale. When I saw it, immediately I thought of a pincushion.  This weekend, I came up with this idea.

I used my hand dyed material for the stuffing. (to resemble a of ball of soil). Then made flowers out of felt and, added craft wire for the stems wrapped up in thinly cut felt. I tried my best to make the flowers small as possible in proportion with the wheelbarrow.

to summer gardening ...
What do you think of my summer wheelbarrow?

few more Rosettes....

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Summer flower project


This crochet flower is called Rosette, it is from a 1980's Crochet Medallions pattern book which I picked up from the thrift store recently. I have some pretty coloured yarn which I got from the church sale to start the project.

I am almost done one side of the sewing project too.

few more finds; yet another church rummage sale. I have already planned a re-purpose craft idea for the wheelbarrow. 

almost time for ice cream !!!


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I managed to add few more stitches to my quilting project this weekend, still a long long way to go. This time, I told myself, not be a in a hurry to see the result :)

Yard sales items;
This Saturday was the annual yard sales for both my neighbourhood churches. The weather was not so ideal as it was quite chilly, and rainy, fortunately the sales were held indoors. Here are few items that I purchased that are craft related.

This needle case along with the needles, was 0.25cent. 

embroidered table cloth was a $1 , embroidered cases were free to take

pieces of crocheted lace, 0.10cents each

Silk thread box with scissors from Belding Corticelli, was a $1. Google shows that this could be from 1940's, as there are similar items for sale on ebay. I did pull some thread from, one of spools to see if it breaks, it not. 

lots of yarn remnants, each bag was $1.

paid 0.25 cents for these pretty butterfly magnets

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