Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Summer flower project


This crochet flower is called Rosette, it is from a 1980's Crochet Medallions pattern book which I picked up from the thrift store recently. I have some pretty coloured yarn which I got from the church sale to start the project.

I am almost done one side of the sewing project too.

few more finds; yet another church rummage sale. I have already planned a re-purpose craft idea for the wheelbarrow. 

almost time for ice cream !!!


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  1. Another great score at the church rummage sale. I have two more church sales that I hope to attend next month. I've already started eating ice cream/froyo!

  2. Such pretty and bright yarn colours. Love the crocheted flowers.

  3. great buys in the Church rummage sale, the crochet flowers look good too

  4. I look forward to seeing what you do with your cute wheelbarrow and the other items. Your crochet flowers are lovely. You do find some bargains ! Take care now. Marion

  5. Lovely crochet flowers Gaia :) Your sewing project looks really pretty, love this hand-stitched technique (kantha?). Great church sale finds BTW - enjoy! x