More stitching..

finished another small piece of kantha embroidery this weekend.

Make-over ..

I made these crochet flowers during summer, thinking of making a throw, after I made about 30 odd flowers I changed my mind. And, the flowers were left aside until some inspiration from Pinterest;

First, I tried to glue the flowers but it did not work, they kept falling down after couple minutes. So, I sewed each flower carefully making sure not to tear the fabric of the shade, and also not to make stitches visible on outside. The plain white shade has been there for about 7 years, and I think I like it better now than before.

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Colourful pumpkins....

I made these decorative pumpkins for my Tea and Card group, as part of our Thanksgiving exchange. 

Working on another piece of kantha embroidery..

Since, it is thanksgiving here in Canada, it is a long weekend, and I want to do some extra art and crafts. And, there 's lots of tea to taste too !! (from our tea and card exchange)

here i am trying close aligned running stitch 

Happy thanksgiving to all those who celebrate....

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May went by..

Balance ; Inner and Outer It is stitched on naturally dyed fabric. Finding inner calm during stressful times. After quite some time, I did ...

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