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Update on a Thursday...

I have almost completed the applique part of the springsareequilt. But, there quite a lot of stitching still to do. I would like to see it finished, at least by the end of spring; if not it will be 'summer' quilt.
The small embroidery piece is also coming along. 

On crocheting..
I made a wallet, inspired by this pattern that I came across in one of the "Crochet" magazine, it is from spring of 2012.

I followed the stitch pattern but changed the assembly part of it. I stitched the both sides and made it a pouch like, also opted out the inside pocket panel. I want mine to hold all sorts of membership and rewards cards that I have, the one I have been using has fallen apart.

I covered a simple white button with cotton fabric to make it bit more cheerful, also it adds contrast.

I am happy with the final result.

Thank you for stopping by for a peek,
till next time, xxx, Gaia

Footstool ....

cover....make over (crochet)

This makeover was done with cotton yarn that I have collected from the thrift stores.  The original cover (above right) has nice indian embroidery work with mirrors, but the colour is quite pale.( for my liking) I have had it for few years now, and finally I thought of giving it a new look with crocheting.

I am pleased with my attempt, and I am loving the new colours too :)

a happy Easter and Passover  weekend!!
Thank you for taking time to stop by,

till next time,