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Stitch [the magazine for creative stitchers] project
here is the link for their website.

I like this magazine a lot;  it carries out beautiful embroidery and great tutorials by very talented stitchers.

I started this piece from the 2005 magazine awhile ago, but I did not finished it until recently. The initial enthusiasm was not there after sometime as I felt the project was tedious. Then I had other art projects which I spent more time on.

Yet,I did not give up on it. When I took it out from the craft box last time, I made sure that I sew it to the end !

I ran out of yellow thread while stitching the background, and instead of buying new I used white thread which I had for the remaining of the work.  [not a good decision]

I also did not do a good job on the fly stitch on the background of the bird panel, there are areas I simply did the running stitch only.  The tutorial also mentions to add mirror pieces[shisha]  to the shisha border but I did not have enough do so.

..... nevertheles…

Shades of blue..


Inspired by these traditional art south asian motifs, I stitched this piece to include in a runner that I wanted to make for my dresser top. These fabric art were done by my brother while he was studying at the art school and the jackets were sewn by my mother who is a good seamstress.

My brother's drawings has more precise and clean outlines, I drew my  creeper free hand using a white crayon pencil.

Chain stitch is one of my favourite to work with. I find it beautiful,specially when used in filling for flowers, and also it is one of the easy stitches for me.

I chose white thread [not happy with the quality, bought at a discount store] as I thought it will be more of a contrast on the indigo[i think that's the colour].

And, as for rest of the piece; I  incorporated various shades of blue from the bag remnants and arranged in a way so that the embroidered panel would be at the centre.

I used a similar blue mixed fabric for the backing.

And, it is done after many hours of…


I made these for a friend of a friend who wants them for her book club. I have made similar ones couple of times now.

The inspiration is from this creative web site. And, they are beautiful.

This time I added a few of these coloured pebbles to the bottle cap so it will not topple. [not part of the tutorial]

I also tried one with an empty spool, of course no pebbles for that.

........ easy and fun to make. 

I hope her book club will like these !

Thank you for stopping by,

Until next project,

Miss-Matched Quilt

Last summer while browsing through yard sales, I got this pile of material for 50cents. I thought they were just scarps. When I got home and untied the bag I discovered that were petty petals of soft shades. Some of them were already tacked !

There are two kinds of petals...and lots of them. [I never counted ]

I wanted make a quilt using these but did not want to venture into a large project as I did not know how I would fair. Instead made this smaller one. I also found this guide which has information  helpful for a beginner like me.

Rest of the fabric I used are from yard sales/thrift shops.

I don't think that these shapes were meant to be used in a flower, as I have done so. I just wanted try something different.
I did applique flower/and quilting by hand. I used the help of the machine to join the blocks.

I am left handed :) I learnt; ... that when piecing geometrical shapes [and the intention was to make a straight line], the measurements have to be precise, otherwise the resul…