Saturday, 16 February 2013

Shades of blue..


Inspired by these traditional art south asian motifs, I stitched this piece to include in a runner that I wanted to make for my dresser top. These fabric art were done by my brother while he was studying at the art school and the jackets were sewn by my mother who is a good seamstress.

My brother's drawings has more precise and clean outlines, I drew my  creeper free hand using a white crayon pencil.

Chain stitch is one of my favourite to work with. I find it beautiful,specially when used in filling for flowers, and also it is one of the easy stitches for me.

I chose white thread [not happy with the quality, bought at a discount store] as I thought it will be more of a contrast on the indigo[i think that's the colour].

And, as for rest of the piece; I  incorporated various shades of blue from the bag remnants and arranged in a way so that the embroidered panel would be at the centre.

I used a similar blue mixed fabric for the backing.

And, it is done after many hours of  hand stitching ....

I was impatient see how it look on  the dresser :)

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  1. How wonderful to have all this talent in your family :) I love the way you make something so beautiful from scraps of fabric. The embroidered flowers are gorgeous ... what a lot of work you must have put into this. You have a lovely individual style that shows up in every piece you make. Have a great weekend Gaia! Wendy :)

    1. Thank you Wendy. I too wish you a wonderful family day weekend!

  2. A lovely piece for your dresser and your stitching is beautifully done.

    1. Thank you and welcome to my blog. - Gaia