Autumn is here..

It was such a pleasure to create her. I did not use any printed pattern, just drew what I had in mind on paper and made a block accordingly.


Saree Quilt.... added few more stitches...still along way to the end.

Beginning of a Checker Square blanket...

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Candlewick Cotton ..........[learning left hand crochet]

Stool Cover

This is Strutts Candlewick Cotton made in UK in 1950s ; which I found on a recent visit to the thrift store. Since, it was something I had not seen before, I searched on google to figure out what the yarn was used for. I found out the period that they were manufactured, also there are pictures, such as ladies hats,bed spreads made out of this yarn.
While, I do not how long ago these were purchased; they do look like, that they are in original wrapping( bit yellowed) and there were 16 skeins in the bag. The colours have not faded, and yarn is in very good condition. 

The stool is from IKEA which I got awhile back. I used up all the yarn, made two separate pieces, and then joined with a single crochet. With the few remaining strands, I made tassels to add bit more chic to the cover. 

I quite like the way it turned out.

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Cross Stitch Angel..

I finally completed the cross stitch kit that I got from the thrift store recently.  The instructions left in there, was only in French; my french lessons are from so long ago, and I cannot remember much of it ( not good). I used the diagram and picture that was included as a guide.

I put it on my easel for these pictures, later I am going to attach a loop so I can hang it.

His and Hers ;Lavender Sachets 

I crocheted these for a colleague of mine who is married in the coming weekend. They are easy to make, but the details are not so neat as I did them in a hurry. I filled them with dried lavender mixed with stuffing.

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Things I did in June....

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