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It is 2020 !!!

Happy new year balloons filled with yarn .... :)

Few other things that I have been working on over the last few weeks.

Relaxingon holidays ..

Is it April showers or Summer rain ???

A new project for new year ;sewing on jute. I am pleased with what I have done so far.

Thanking you for stopping over,

Recent posts

Almost end of the year ......

Kantha Work
Inspired by this ceramic tile that I found at the thrift store, I created this piece.

Childhood memories; sailing paper boats.

Making fabric portraits; what do you think of her??

Seasons Greetings!!!!! 

Bestwishesfor2020!!!! Thank you for visiting,

till next time,

October creative makes ..

Weavedpumpkin ...

I started a new embroidery piece. It has made a little bit of progress.

Pittar PatterRaindrops; there were few rainy days in October, it inspired me to made this small piece.

Still working on my scarp quilt too

I also finished a crocheting project that I started about year ago.

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September creative makes...

Kantha embroiderey ; inspiration came from an Indian miniature painting known as 'toilet of Radha'.

It took about about 3 months to complete.

Weaving pieces...

Applique/collage : papaya

Lastly working on a new scrap quilt..this project is ideal for winter.

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August creative makes..

A still life collage;

made in Toronto cider !!

Stump-work portrait : inspiration Mrs. Sophia Petrilo, from popular  80's US TV series " The Golden Girls".

How is my Sophia ?

Bit of weaving..

Finally, a small piece of kantha embroidery also inspired by the picture of this lady who is making rice flour on a stone grinder. I kept the picture, which was printed on a packet of wheat flour I bought quite sometime ago. I wanted to do a painting of it, but I never got around to do it until recently. I did pencil colour drawing of it and, that gave me the idea to try this embroidery. 

To all everyday women !!

Summer is almost ending .....

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Gaia xoxo

We all scream for ice cream !!!

these ice creams are made using weaving/darning ;

these too, using crewel wool

made another stump work portrait. My inspiration came from Mrs. Slocombe's character from 1970's BBC sitcom Are you being served ?

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To keep you cool .....

this summer ..
weaved/darnedlemonade ..

fabric collage

attempts and experiments, stumpwork portraits; inspiration "I Love Lucy "

making of that perfect cup of tea .........

there is always time for a nice cup of tea ! 

Hope you are having a wonderful summer ,

Thank you for stopping by,