Things I did in June....

Inspiration and, my interpretation of Gustav Klimt - The Kiss

I am pleased with my effort here.

Two small collage/applique pieces. 

as my guide for both, I used impressionist artist Claude Monet 's - Waterlilies and Glass with Peaches.

This again is my interpterion of the famous painting by Johannes Vermeer's  - The Girl with a Pearl Earing 

What you think of it?

I still have one big project which is almost at its end. Hopefully I can be motived to finish it soon. :)

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May went by..

Balance ; Inner and Outer

It is stitched on naturally dyed fabric. Finding inner calm during stressful times.

After quite some time, I did some pencil colour drawing too.

Summer scarf

I was given these scarves by a friend (her friend was throwing them away), couple of summers ago. They were sitting on my fabric pile, and, I was not sure what I wanted to do with them. 
I finally thought of making a longer scarf using all of them. I am not sure if it will turn out the way I planned. 

Gustav Klimt's - Kiss

Inspired by the painting, I'm doing my own piece. So far, I have enjoyed the stitching.

have a cup of tea ...

* I just noticed blogger has done changes over the last things to learn.

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April moving slowly....

I have been stitching the scrap quilt for awhile now and, wanted bit of change. I wanted to try something different. So I took my cardboard loom and, did a small weaving project. This is my first attempt to weave a portrait. There is lot of learning to do. However, I do like how she turned out. She is bringing so much charm to my living room. 

My weaved Frida !

I did not abandoned the scrap quilt, sewing is still going on..

I also stitched a  memory map : it is a trip my father's village home. This was both emotional and, a joyful project to do. It is not done to scale, but drawn looking at google maps.

I still remember  walking from the bus stop along the long and winding road to his home. When we were small my grandparents lived at the house. Now, father's sister lives there and, when I ever I visit her, those memories of childhood come alive. My father passed away 18 years ago, but I often think about him. This is a small effort to cherish the memories.....

Rug hooking is filling up too.

Keeping clam ...
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Quiet weekend

First day of spring ......

A very BIG thank you for all the front-line workers who are working tirelessly to keep us safe, at this critical time.

Past few days staying home from work, I had time to work on my creative pieces. I bought few tee shirts from the thrift store which I cut into strips, they add a different texture. I am also adding pieces of velvet,felt and other thick yarn.

quiet moment....the new normal 
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Learning something new...

first piece

While browsing you-tube I came across rug hooking videos and, several tutorials (not many left hand ones though) later I made my first small piece.

For my second piece, I sketched a more detailed pattern. I am experimenting with different types of textures. So far, I have used bits and pieces of yarn, felt, velvet and, t-shirt material.

Scrap quilt is coming long..

 Today there was beautiful sunshine, for me to spend some time with my projects.

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January creative makes ...

I finished the jute piece.

I have not yet thought about how I want to complete the sides and, if I want to make in to a wall hanging. 

Sewing a memory map : inspiration for this piece is from Pinterest. It has so many wonderful ideas.

I stitched a small potion of my childhood village. While sewing the road that leads to home, it brought back so many memories.

I have few more map ideas, now that I want to experiment with.

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It is 2020 !!!

Happy new year balloons filled with yarn .... :)

Few other things that I have been working on over the last few weeks.

Relaxing on holidays ..

Is it April showers or Summer rain ???

A new project for new year ;sewing on jute. I am pleased with what I have done so far.

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Things I did in June....

Inspiration and, my interpretation of Gustav Klimt - The Kiss I am pleased with my effort here. Two small collage/applique pieces.  as my gu...

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