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Learning crewel wool embroidery


A small piece practiced with crewel wool. I bought these wool, some from the thrift-store and, the others from, when they have our annual neighbourhood church sales.  I do not have lots of colour selection, but I tried my best to match.

Using acrylic paint, I added details to her face and, some parts of her dress.

 inspiration;  my collection of nesting dolls WinterSareeQuilt update;
Block 3

Couple of more blocks completed on the saree quilt too. I enjoy making up a pattern to fill the motifs.

Block 4

would you like some tea ?
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

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Recent posts
Another attempt on a stump-work portrait...

I did complete this few weeks ago but did not get chance to take pictures as I was away. I like the way her dress turned out.

Sri Lankan handloom...

I took a small break from work to visit my mum and, to spend time with her...I am always sad when it is time to say good-bye. But I need to get back to work and, life on the other side of the ocean.

sunrise seen from my mum's garden..around 5.30-6.00am

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Winter Saree quilt..

new year project;

This quilt is going to be made out with purple and, light yellow saree pieces. (winter light does not bring out the proper colours though)

 I am using chain stitch and running stitch. I have done two blocks so far.

I also attempted to do a new stumpwork portrait. I used too much tension around the nose, that it became bit puckered. There is always another try.

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xox Gaia

A new morning.....

another day,

......Healing inner.....
another year ...

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” 
― Rumi

fabric: a piece of an old shirt (home dyed using beetroot, tea and, turmeric)
thread : cotton embroidery
method: all hand stitched using running stitch and,chain stitch

 a new project ....

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Triangle Scarf..

I made first triangle scarf last winter. When I wore it work, a friend of mine liked it a lot, so I gave it her.

I made one again, this time I used a ball of variegated yarn to start and, then added matching colours.

What do you think of it?

Happy Holidays and all best for 2019 !!!

Thank you for visiting me this year and, I do appreciate all your kind comments.

till next time,

xox Gaia

Orange saree quilt

I started this saree quilt, in August of 2017 and, after more than a year of stitching, I have finally manged to complete it. 
The only things that are left to be done now,  to sew up the yarn ends on the backing

and, to add blanket stitch around the border.

... to finally see it spread on the  bed, is both a joy and a relief! 

...... my needles need a little break 

I do appreciate you stopping by,

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Gaia xox

Toadstool ..


I found the dainty ceramic container among thimbles at my neighbourhood church's fall jumble sale, few weeks ago.  At first, I thought it was a thimble but looking at it closely, it does not appear to have the shape of a thimble, also it is heavy. It is about 3cm tall, has a lovely design of bunnies, butterflies and bees. While, I do not know what it is used for ......

..I made another pincushion.


I found the pattern on this crochet designer's blog.
There are number of other free patterns to you like to check it out.

I used  lots of odds and ends from many types of yarn and, tried best to match the colours.

hat was for a friend of mine, she liked it a lot.

my attempt to take a selfie, to show the scarf..:) but could not capture well. 

join me for a warm cup of tea !!

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