Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Making more stumpwork..


One more portrait for my collection. I am enjoying at the moment, exploring more of the new found embroidery technique. Thanks again for for the well explained tutorial.

Crochet sunflower coasters...

I made these for my tea group exchange. After making the flower, I added a felt backing to make it sturdy. If you are interested in making a sunflower you can get the free pattern here.

still working on both kantha quilt and the crochet project. It will be a long time when I finally get to finish it.

My friend's neighbour had a yard sale last weekend. I only got to it as they were closing. There were only few things left, one was, this tea set. It was marked for $3. But the lady gave it for me free. She said it belonged to her mum. It is quite dainty. I was quite curious to know where it was made, unfortunately it does not say.

While on my recent walks around the neighbourhood and bit further, came upon this crochet book which was tossed tobe picked up by garbage/recycling day with other items. I am thrilled I rescued it. There are 20 fun afghans patterns to try.

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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Learning stumpwork work


I followed a great tutorial by  
She has done amazing portraits, which you can see on her blog. 

first attempt:  eyes look bit squinty and brows are uneven. And, I did not add any extra details to her.

for the second one I tried to make lady wearing a saree. I could not get the eye lashes long, and the nose is bit puckered too.

I am happy with my third lady. Her hair is inspired by Mrs.Slocombe's character from 1970 s British sitcom " Are you being served?" She used to wear different hair colour every day to work (almost) and big fancy earrings.

adding colours to Catherine wheel...

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Learning embroidery..

I got this embroidery kit last week from the church sale, it was 0.50 cent.

 it was easy to sew ..I would have liked some of the stitches in certain places were bit more together...practice will make it better for next time.

added the decorative lace butterfly to cover the print on the fabric.

a beautiful sunday morning...

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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Spring-Summer decoration

made using punch needle

When I started this punch needle project, my intention was to do a square piece to include in a frame. But I couldn't find enough colour to fill in the background, so I cut the individual birds, added a felt back and some stuffing. And, put it in a string to make a bird chain. I also made few felt flowers for the branch.

I used Dollar store cotton yarn for this, which was actually $3; Dollar store does not have many one dollar items any more. I liked the fun summer colours in the pack.


My neighbourhood church had its annual yard sale this weekend.

 sewing items; embroidery floss was 25 cents each

some lovely napkins

magnifying glass and a folding pair of scissors ; they were 50 cents each 

 bag  was 50 cent

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Punchneedle ..

paisley pattern ...

After doing several test patterns with adjustment to the needle, made another attempt and completed this small piece. It looks better than the previous one,loops are more the same.  I do not know yet if I want to add few more motifs, fill in the background colour or leave it as it is.

Catherine Wheel ....

also learning a new crochet pattern....after a long time.

Saree quilt has been on the bottom of craft pile all winter too, I could not work on it specially because of the gloomy winter light. Now that the sunny days are almost here, over the weekend I pulled it out; and did bit of sewing.

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