Sunny & a warm day..

in the middle of winter..

Bit of sewing..what is it going to be? you have to wait a bit longer.

It is being a sunny today, I was able to get a better picture to show you, of my woven pieces which are hanging in my living room. I had to move them around a bit to get into one shot.

dyeing fabric with  some home ingredients. this pot has boiled beet root water, tea leaves, orange peel, turmeric, vinegar and salt. I am waiting to see which colour will be prominent; probably turmeric.

This was beginning of the week; last Sunday evening. I think we got about 10cm of snow.

and by end of the week (saturday afternoon), it was like this.  All the snow was melting away so fast.....and it was about 11 celsius by Saturday afternoon.

Side walks were full of  people, also pets, lots were having ice cream. I even came upon a yard sale selling books and records. I walked a lot in and around the neighbourhood, and it was just wonderful to soak up some much needed sunshine before cold temperature returns.

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Wooden spoon ..


This chipped wooden spoon has been in my  kitchen cupboard for awhile,

few times I thought of throwing it way but I did not. While browsing through Pinterest recently it gave me an idea ( actually many ideas). So here it is turned into this pincushion.

I used my naturally dyed fabric to make the egg shaped case and, used stuffing and rice to fill it. for the embellishments; jute ribbon, few crochet flowers and old lace.

 I spent most of the saturday morning doing this project so I could take few pictures before sun went away. (still could not get better ones) I am quite pleased with my effort.

A new crochet flower for my winter coat.

 Icicles and snow this week...brrrrrrrrrrr

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These snowy days..

Bit of crocheting for a small project in mind. There was enough sunshine on saturday to get a clear picture.

Still working on weaving tail ends of the flower blocks. There are so many of them.

Beginning of a small sewing project for the winter, using remnants from the fabric box.

would like a cup of tea ?

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