Sunday, 5 February 2017

These snowy days..

Bit of crocheting for a small project in mind. There was enough sunshine on saturday to get a clear picture.

Still working on weaving tail ends of the flower blocks. There are so many of them.

Beginning of a small sewing project for the winter, using remnants from the fabric box.

would like a cup of tea ?

Thank you stopping by for a peek,

till next time,



  1. I love your flower blocks. I think I have a pattern to make one. As a beginner they look a little bit challenging but I will try

  2. Your hands are always busy with the sewing & crocheting! Love those sweet little flower blocks you're making. And yes, I would like a cup of tea, thank you ;)
    Enjoy your evening Gaia!

  3. Yes, please! The flower blocks are so pretty!

  4. crochet looks good and loving your hand embroideery project, seems you are having snow so far this winter we have escaped it

  5. All very nice, Gaia! Love the crocheted roses. One of my least favourite crafting task is weaving in ends while crocheting :)