Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Another woven piece..

Adding few rows each day, I finished this piece little sooner than I thought. 

This time, I did not weave the ends in, rather let it hang on the side for a different look.  It does blend in with the other pieces I have done. They are all displayed on my living room wall. I could not get a clear picture to show you, due to the gloomy/fogy weather we have been having.

There is more ugly yarn ( I don' know that is the right word) to start on something new.

Thank you for stopping by for peek,

till next time,



  1. you are becoming an expect with your weaving hope to see a photo of it hanging up with your other pieces when the weather improves it would be good to see them all together

  2. Your weaving is very attractive and would add a lot of texture to a wall. Perhaps when the sun decides to shine you can take a photo that shows them all together.

  3. I like the rough endings on this. Can't wait to see your wall of weaving when you get a chance to photograph it!