Winter Saree quilt update ..

Block 5

Block 6

 Block 7

I have completed all the blocks that needed a pattern. Each block will have a different paisley design. Now, all that is left is, to quilt everything together.

*yesterday was rainy and overcast; the pictures did not come out well.

Phone book makeover..

I still carry a phone with me.  It started to fall apart and, I was not sure if I wanted to start a new book all over again. So, this weekend I finally, I did a make-over using fabric and, a small embroidered piece. I happy with my effort.

ring, ring : )

Sunday morning from my window... looks like winter does not want to go away :(

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Learning crewel wool embroidery


A small piece practiced with crewel wool. I bought these wool, some from the thrift-store and, the others from, when they have our annual neighbourhood church sales.  I do not have lots of colour selection, but I tried my best to match.

Using acrylic paint, I added details to her face and, some parts of her dress.

 inspiration;  my collection of nesting dolls
Winter Saree Quilt update;
Block 3

Couple of more blocks completed on the saree quilt too. I enjoy making up a pattern to fill the motifs.

Block 4

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Another attempt on a stump-work portrait...

I did complete this few weeks ago but did not get chance to take pictures as I was away. I like the way her dress turned out.

Sri Lankan handloom...

I took a small break from work to visit my mum and, to spend time with her...I am always sad when it is time to say good-bye. But I need to get back to work and, life on the other side of the ocean.

sunrise seen from my mum's garden..around 5.30-6.00am

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Things I did in June....

Inspiration and, my interpretation of Gustav Klimt - The Kiss I am pleased with my effort here. Two small collage/applique pieces.  as my gu...

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