Bits of everything ......

Most of  the left over yarn made into my left handers-leftover blanket.

This stitch I used is Moss Stitch. I also added an edging.

On Autumn Saree quilt .......
I have pieced  and has added batting , now all that is left is quilting.

Learning embroidery.........
On this piece so far I have learnt; Petal Stitch, Encroaching satin stitch (which did not turn out as to my liking yet) Threaded back stitch


On Crochet ; Recently I bought this  Americana Afghans magazine, published in 1974 from the Salvation Army thrift store. It has both crochet and knitting projects which look wonderful.

This octagonal motif pattern looked rather pretty and I want to give it a try. This is only the first try, and there few errors needs be corrected

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Autumn saree quilt..

This is going to be my fourth saree quilt. You can see the first quilt here and the second one here and third one here.

I found these cotton saree material at the thrift store sometime ago ;one with diagonal lines and the other squares.

I thought of attempting to create something with a rustic flare.

I still do not know how the whole layout will be, I am planning as I sew along.

Learning Embroidery ..............

This weekend being extra long (civic holiday here in Canada) I had time to finish the small embroidery piece.
The three main stitches I used throughout the piece are;
Scroll Stitch 
Double knot stitch 
Coral stitch ;  all these stitches are also known in several other names as well.

Guide: READER'S DIGEST; complete book of embroidery

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May went by..

Balance ; Inner and Outer It is stitched on naturally dyed fabric. Finding inner calm during stressful times. After quite some time, I did ...

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