Crochet Edgings .... [learning left hand crochet]

Here are few more edgings;  where I was able to understand the pattern.

There were many re-doings and staying up late on a work week. But, finally when the pattern started look more like one in the book I was happy.

This edging was a little messy one to make. I think I managed it alright. Thicker yarn made it much easier to count stitches and see the pattern develop.

You need to make separate fans and then join them. So many ends to sew in and neaten. I think it will be quite a lot of work if you are to make longer one in finer yarn.

A bit of an update on my blanket of many is almost coming to an end and, I am looking forward to see the final result.

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Crochet Edgings.... [learning left hand crochet]

I bought this crochet booklet from the church yard sale last weekend for 25 cents. The booklet is published around 1945 in Canada, and was sold for 15 cents !  It has many edgings one can make to decorate  handkerchiefs, household linen,lingerie etc.

I have been crocheting a little over a year now, and it is first time I tried edgings. I chose a yarn with more thread count than what the books says, so I can count the stitches without difficulty and see the pattern develop. 

I do feel that I have gained some knowledge during the past year,as I was able to read a pattern which was published quite a long time ago; it has no diagrams or any instructions for a left handed person.

I like the chunky look these edgings have, and do believe they will look pretty on the items that the book say with a modern twist.

This weekend being an extra long..... I am working on many of my creative projects.

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Dear mother.....


Mother's Day !!!!!!

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... wishing all the mothers around the world a very happy mother's day !!!!!!

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updates ...

on my Saree Quilt....

Finally, I managed to find batting and suitable material for backing. Here is a little peak to one of the patterns that I am working on this weekend.

Blanket of Many Colours...

The blanket too is coming along..... I am crocheting a border now.


few out of many finds at the church garage sale last weekend; all these were 25 cents each

A needle case

I love everything about this cushion.

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January creative makes ...

I finished the jute piece. I have not yet thought about how I want to complete the sides and, if I want to make in to a wall hanging....

Top 3 !