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Used tea bags ...

~ Lavender and clove sachets ~

This is another little experiment I did with used tea bags. Well, it did not turn out the exact way I wanted.

The things you need are, used tea bags, soft cotton and cotton thread [or pretty ribbons];

practiced some crocheting as well.... but it is very difficult do so on such flimsy paper.....  I need to be more patient with these, sometimes I am in a hurry to see the end results.

smells so lovely !!!
There are stitches that came loose in some places, which need fixing.

Thank you for always stopping by,
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Granny Squares continued....[learning left hand crocheting]

Part 3
An up date on my granny squares; I have made 41 so far.

..and this weekend I took time to secure the ends and neaten.

I used eight balls of 50g. each in four colours. I don't want to get carried away and make far too many squares then be overwhelmed, and unable to complete properly. What I have in mind, is to make a small throw for a sofa/couch. When I get more confident I will attempt on big projects. So, I think it is time join and add a border.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Findings; ..... this cute little embroidered picture I found, on one of my visits to the thrift store;  cost 0.99cents

... and this art bicycle is parked in front of one of the the yarn stores in my neighbourhood. I wanted to get a better picture but the shadows were not helping.

Thank you for always stopping by, Until next time, xxx, Gaia

Kantha Work - a small reversible quilt

I have had a sketch in my mind for a while now for some voile material and for few cotton scarves,  which I got from thrift store/yard sales. Finally, I manged to put the idea into work.

After cutting the material into pieces [not exact measurements] and joining them by hand; I made four separate layers. I wanted it to be more rustic because of that I intentionally did not make them perfect squares.

Then I stacked them, and tacked to hold in place and I am working with the kantha stitch. I chose colours which I thought may compliment the printed designs. I am using one strand of cotton thread; after seeing what I have done so far, I am thinking  maybe two strands would have been better?

I have been stitching this almost a month now, along with my other on going projects. It will be along time before I finish this one.
Lastly, couple of things I found at the yard sales past weekend. A very pretty picture done in paper paste,  I love everything about it; and i…

Granny Square [learning to crochet left hand]

My Lesson 3 -Part 2

I wanted cotton yarn for my project, and after getting lost in rows of vibrant colours and variety of textures at the yarn store I found these pretty yarn. While I am not a regular at the store, I thought that prices are quite high.  Then again, I have not been there for a long time.

This cotton yarn is called ROWAN ;belle organic aran and the needle I am using is Aero 3mm. I still don't have many needles[only 3 sizes] and after attempts with each, I chose to go with this one.

The purple/grey square is little larger when completed even though the yarn is exact same as the other two. I think I will encounter trouble when it is time to join. I need to learn what to do in a situation like that.

So far the squares are stacking up very nicely.... and I am enjoying making them :)

Thank you for always stopping by,

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