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Lavender lady


Every lady is hand sewn, and the skirt part is filled with lavender.  I, myself love the lingering fragrance of lavender in my closet.

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Learning embroidery.... In this piece, so far I have learnt; double knot stitch and coral stitch.... 

For, certain stitches instructions does indicate to work from right to left; being left handed I do find bit difficult. After practicing from right to left, I tried and copied it to left to right which I think worked alright.

On crochet...  I have named this project Left-hander'sleft overblanket.. It too is coming along , and is on hold for the moment, as I have used up most the left overs. 

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Learning Embroidery..

Here is my completed piece..

I am pleased with my effort. I also see the places I could have done better. I was bit short of one of the green floss, and had to substitute with another green (in her dress). I think the difference does not appear to be too prominent.

I am continuing with my embroidery lessons ..there is a new project already planned.

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I have made bit more progress in my chain stitch piece.. ..

I usually don't get to do much embroidery after work as it does require fine stitching, and night lighting is hard for my eyes (even with glasses). I mostly do these types of work during day light. So, it has got limited to the weekends.


It looks like that my crochet hook does not seem to catch a break.. I thought after the last project I would take break from crocheting, but it was not to happen.  Here's beginning of something new...with all the odds and ends that I have accumulated  since I started to learn crochet; which was just over 2 years ago.

For the past two years I have been buying yarn from the thrift store; often they are either half used, almost used or on a lucky day full. There are also lots of colours which have not made into any projects and I am trying to use them all  too. I am surprised at my collection of left-overs from left-overs :)

Free maple leaf tutorial is from this blog;http://happy…