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Baby blanket in shades oflavender....

I finished the baby blanket, and it is all ready to be sent off to the baby. I did however, ran out the first colour I started with and could not find the same, so I had to go with something of a similar variety. Also, when I started the blanket I did not know the gender of the baby so I chose this colour, a couple of weeks later I got the news to say it is a girl, then I added a border in pink,(for a girl).I already had the tiny blue crocheted flowers.  I hope baby will be comfortable in it :)

The stitch I used is  from Vogue Dictionary of Crochet 23.
*if you like to read the pattern click on the image and it should make it larger
A bit of progress in the checkersquare blanket which  I think, started couple of months ago. I am waiting for the days off from work, to work on all the arts n' crafts that I have planned.

A very BIG thank you to all the friends who stopped by this year !!!

Shades of yellow...

snowflakes and christmastrees...

Since, I got the embroidery book I was looking forward start on a project. The two new stitches I learnt, I was easy ones; backstitchedchain stitchand fern stitch. I still need more practice to get even stitches and also must get use to working with the hoop. 

Later,I incorporated the piece and made runner for my night table. I used  much as possible yellows I possibly could find from my bag of remnants. Also, added a lamp with some lace. All is hand sewed.

The snowflakes are gift for a friend. The from this blog.

Christmas tree pattern is from here; Crochet Geek.The pattern is both in video (left and right hand)and as well as has written instructions. The completed tree is about 2 inches in height. As for the decorative items, I sewed in what ever the little things I had in my craft box.

Thank you stopping by for a peek,

till next time,