Thursday, 25 December 2014

Baby blanket in shades of lavender....

I finished the baby blanket, and it is all ready to be sent off to the baby. I did however, ran out the first colour I started with and could not find the same, so I had to go with something of a similar variety. Also, when I started the blanket I did not know the gender of the baby so I chose this colour, a couple of weeks later I got the news to say it is a girl, then I added a border in pink,(for a girl).I already had the tiny blue crocheted flowers.  I hope baby will be comfortable in it :)

The stitch I used is  from Vogue Dictionary of Crochet 23.
*if you like to read the pattern click on the image and it should make it larger

A bit of progress in the checker square blanket which  I think, started couple of months ago. I am waiting for the days off from work, to work on all the arts n' crafts that I have planned.

A very BIG thank you to all the friends who stopped by this year !!!
Happy holidays and best wishes 2015 !!

till next time,


  1. Hi, Gaia. Very nice baby blanket and I love your granny square afghan. I know they take forever to put together. Wishing you Happy Holiday Season as well!
    best, nadia

  2. Gaia,I think the baby girl won't mind or won't even notice that you put lovely little blue flowers on the wonderful blanket. You created a wonderful piece - I am sure the baby mother will love it. Your crocheting is overwhelming.

  3. Baby girl is going to feel so warm and snug wrapped up in the pretty blanket and no doubt will keep it for life

  4. Happy New Year Gaia! The baby blanket looks wonderful and what a great idea to add the tiny blue crocheted flowers. Looks lovely.

  5. Lovely little blanket and a really nice stitch too. Happy New Year.