Saffron & Marigold flower...

saree quilt update...

I have made two of each block now.

each is different from one another.

one on the right is lacking few more details, which I will add later on. I feel very much myself in using free form to create; no restrictions or limitations.

~Photographing yellow has not been easy, even though I took all of them at the same time of the day, each lot shows variations.

My ripples of hope ; adding hopeful rows slowly.

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Welcoming summer ...

footstool make over; bohemian style !!

The stool was not something antique, or well made for that matter, the lady who had it at her yard sale asked $2 for it. When I saw it I immediately thought of a make over.

I used folk art paint for the surface and, for the decorative patterns.

Neon coloured pom-poms added extra colour and texture that I had in mind. I enjoyed myself doing this project.
And, today's weather was just so warm and sunny, I took it out to the park to take these pictures.

-digital art-

I also experimented with a new art application which was I found in my Galaxy phone ;it also includes a pen that you can use it for drawing and, for writing which is great. But I think, I prefer the ipad better for digital drawings because it has a wider screen.

Saffron flower; block 2

I have manged to add few more stitches to the second saffron block. I am drawing them free hand, so each block will be slightly different from one another when completed.

Ripples of hope; crochet blanket is progressing slowly too. I haven't had the opportunity to do much crafting lately.

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Things I did in June....

Inspiration and, my interpretation of Gustav Klimt - The Kiss I am pleased with my effort here. Two small collage/applique pieces.  as my gu...

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