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More weaving..

I did another small project. I went from the cardboard loom, to a loom made out from a picture frame.(instructions via youtube) It worked perfectly for this piece. I used some colourful Beehive tapestry wool which I had.

a bit of embroidery as well.

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Learning to weave...

Inspiration to start this project came while browsing through Pinterest; it has so many great ideas to try.  
So, before I went ahead and spend money on a loom and may not want to continue; I made a cardboard loom for beginners I made mine according to the instructions from , which has valuable tips for a beginner. I also looked at some videos from youtube too.
This is the very first  piece I tried. 
I wanted to continue on, tried to add blocks of colours.

 On the last piece, I tried to do a flower (which turned out like a maple leaf) and also how to add 'rya knots'.

So far, I like weaving the next level perhaps...



I made these felt teapot brooches for my tea group 'thanksgiving' exchange. 

Happy Thanksgiving !!!
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