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Finished saree quilt...

It is finally done, nearly after 9 months. This weekend being bit gloomy and all, I took it over to the park to for the photographs, hoping little more light.

This quilt measures approx. 80 inches x 58 inches.  All is done by hand, except for joining the blocks initially, for which I used the machine.

This is the second quilt I made using cut-off saree pieces, you can see the first one here. What a difference between the colour schemes of the two.  For this quilt I use synthetic batting instead of cotton, so it is much lighter than first one. There is more saree remnants to start the third one :) 
Baby Blanket ; for a family member who's having a baby this week. I hope to finish it at least by the end of the month. 

Thank you for stopping by for a peek,
till next time, xx Gaia

Saree quilt progress...and other

I have been spending many of my evenings quilting the squares; there are few more to do before I start on the border. I opted not to do too many patterns on the blocks this time, as some of them itself got bold designs, on sort of dark earthy colours.  I tried stitching the designs on more softer tones, or where the block has less busy patterns.

On Crocheting......
I made this brooch, out of left over yarn from my scarf. The pattern is from a book I came cross at my neighbourhood library.(Sasha Kagan;Crochet Inspiration).  I did change the stitches a bit for the petal; instead of double crochet (dc)I used half double crochet(hdc) since, I did not have required amount.

I have worn it many times now.

cowl scarf
This Japanese Noro yarn was in a bag of left overs that was passed on to me by a friend. It was just about enough to make an attempt on a cowl, and this is the first one for me.
And, as for the stitches, it is split dc shells.

These colours are just perfect for the autumn.