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A baby blanket....

with lacey square border.... (learning left hand crochet)

Here is my completed baby blanket for my friend's grand daughter.. It measures 40 inches x 38 inches. The stitch is half double crochet using 2.5 hook. All the thrift-ed yarn cost me about $7.

I did ran out of the variegated yarn, and had to use something a bit different for the edging. I hope it does not ruin the overall look.

I also made these hair clips for her older sister who is going to pre-school. I hope she will be happy to have these.  I am quite content with my achievement and, all is ready to be sent to all the way to France.

A small  crochted tie for a gift box/wrap.

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I wanted to make a coaster for my tea cup at the office for the longest time. Finally, this weekend being extra long I sat down made this today. There are plenty of inspirations and ideas on the web, I choose to try this one. I wanted attempt and make something with different textures.

I used cotton yarn and a printed cotton cord. I however did not follow any particular pattern so there isn't any exact number of stitches. I increased stitches when I felt that the circle become tight. As you can see my coaster does look a bit rustic. Well, if  I am to make another one, I now know what adjustment I should make.

Lavender Sachets

These couple are for a friend of mine who is having her birthday next week.  The cross stitch work was done sometime ago was in my craft box, now they are half way to vintage.

Baby blanket is coming along too; I am almost done with two balls of yarn. I am making half double crochet lines using a 2.50 hook . The green a little wider than the variegated …

Contemporary Kantha work

The space in between ...

For this small project I used my home experimented & naturally dyed fabric, and a very pretty tie dye silk scarf I found at the thrift store.

“Why struggle to open a door between us when the whole wall is an illusion?”  ― Rumi

I also attempted to make a kantha worked flower out the left over material from my tea cosy project. It still needs a little bit more grooming;  I was not able to attach the petals properly.

The decorative beaded disc is from india which I sewed to a stuffed felt centre. I do have some green saree material from which I want to make a suitable leaf(or leaves) for it..

Now, I have a whole twig branch to fill in with all different crafts.

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A baby blanket [learning left hand crochet]

I am taking a break from my other projects for this new baby blanket. It is for my friend's grand daughter. She is 4 months now, and I want to make something her.

I am making these lacey squares using baby acrylic yarn made in canada. But, I am still not sure how I want to blanket to be. The yarn balls do have a free pattern printed on other side of the label; one of them was for crocheting and other for knitting. I am not using them; I want try something different.

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