Sunday, 27 April 2014

A baby blanket....

with lacey square border.... (learning left hand crochet)

Here is my completed baby blanket for my friend's grand daughter.. It measures 40 inches x 38 inches. The stitch is half double crochet using 2.5 hook. All the thrift-ed yarn cost me about $7.

I did ran out of the variegated yarn, and had to use something a bit different for the edging. I hope it does not ruin the overall look.

I also made these hair clips for her older sister who is going to pre-school. I hope she will be happy to have these.  I am quite content with my achievement and, all is ready to be sent to all the way to France.

A small  crochted tie for a gift box/wrap.

Thank you for taking your time stop by,



  1. You made a very special and beautiful blanket. Your friend must be very happy!

  2. such a pretty blanket for a new born, she will be lovely and cosy wrapped up in this. Can see you getting orders for more hair slides from school friends, they are a delight

  3. Hi Gaia!
    This is the prettiest baby blanket I've ever seen - so much girly, and those squares give a lacy look to it, very good idea!
    Also the hair clips are also cute :) I am sure all the kids and theri parents will be happy to have such beautiful gifts from you.

  4. Wow, what a lovely blanket - and the hair clips are really pretty :D I really like your gift box presentation - what a great idea!
    Alison :)

  5. This is a beautiful blanket Gaia! I really like the way the lace border turned out, such a pretty detail. The edging couldn't be a better match for the variegated yarn, and ties it in nicely. Love the little flower hair clips ... perfect colours for a young girl starting school. I think the mother is going to be thrilled with these special gifts! Hope you have a great week! Wendy x

  6. It's a gorgeous baby blanket Gaia! Your friend will be delighted. The edging was beautifully done as were the hair clips. All simply lovely :)

  7. Really lovely work! I like the colours and the edging. And the hair clips are sweet. I'm sure they'll be appreciated.