Applique on gunny sack

Another attempt to do some applique work on the gunny sack.

...some fun with buttons.....

I quite like about you ?

Until next project........


Kantha Work

Lotus Pond

Another kantha embroidery piece I just completed. I used three layers of white voile, tacked in place and drew the pattern.

To create rippling effect of water,I used two different shades of blue and a purple and did them in a kind of an overlapped shells to match the lotus leaf. Also, added yellow at the top to represent sunshine.

The bottom of the pond is in a shade of aqua.

The finished piece is about 8x14 inches and it took about two months.

Do you like my imaginary pond?


Mini Quilt

This was a skirt .......

My aunt gave me this old indian skirt she had, to use in my creative work. I thought I will make some sort of a quilted throw for her sofa. [sorry I forgot to take a picture of the skirt before my adventure with it]

I separated the skirt and cut into squares that I thought would be of a suitable size. They are not all exactly the same size as I did ran out of fabric.

I found this blue satin at the thrift store which I thought would be perfect for balancing out the bright red and yellow.

Everything is hand pieced. I did not use any batting, only a cotton fabric for the backing.

and I turned into this...

How do you like this?


January creative makes ...

I finished the jute piece. I have not yet thought about how I want to complete the sides and, if I want to make in to a wall hanging....

Top 3 !