Sunday, 13 September 2015

I spent some time this weekend on my embroidery piece.

I learnt; Petal Stitch and Bullion Stitch.


Over the Labour Day weekend, I had the opportunity visit st.jacobs country, a small beautiful town, north of Waterloo, Ontario.

I had a wonderful time browsing the through the shops, tasting some delicious food, and had a chance to explore the wonderful surroundings . I also bought few things to bring home.

locally produced honey, and apple butter..

 a corn broom, which is being produced on site. one of few stores that left in Canada.

... and couple of pieces of pottery.

yarn bowl..... what a treat :)

a sake set; love the colour, shape and  the glaze work

Since, I had left my camera at home, unfortunately I do not have photographs of the trip. But, here are couple of links about the town if you are interested.

shops at St.Jacobs

St.Jacobs Farmers Market

A swap with a blogging friend

Beginning of summer, my blogging friend Wendy, who writes the lovely blog; September Violetsand I had a little creative swap. I got these pretty things from her.

Thank you Wendy !!  ... for the lovely mug rug..

and here I am wearing the beautiful flower pin she made; on a recent visit to the Art Gallery.

Wendy also wrote a great post about our swap here. (it has pictures of what I sent her, a piece of embroidery and a crochet bunting)

Thank you for taking time to stop by,
till next time,


  1. your embroidery is coming along well and can see you had a good time on your day out, apple butter never heard of that must be a Canada special. Loving the flower pin looks great on the dress

  2. Hi Gaia :) I've been wanting to visit St.Jacobs for such a long time but have never been! One day I will though because it sounds like such an excellent experience. I love the things you found there, especially that beautiful yarn bowl!

    It's so nice to see the picture of you at the AGO!

  3. I love the pottery pieces you picked up, especially that gorgeous yarn bowl. When I lived closer (in Dundas & Burlington), my family used to visit St Jacob's quite often, and even camped up that way in Elora Gorge (which I understand has now turned into more of a young person's party place unfortunately). My mom used to drag us out to the mennonite farms too where she would buy things directly from the farmers and we would shyly get a peek into their barns and workshops.Thank you for the kind mention, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the things I made :) You look great at the AGO ... we were just there in spring to see Emily Carr's exhibit, and I have a photo looking down that same hallway. Today is a good rainy day for crafting, wouldn't you say? Happy Sunday!

  4. You look lovely in that photo. Enjoy your haul from the trip :). Glad you dropped by my blog.

  5. Beautiful embroidery stitches Gaia :) Love the idea of a yarn bowl - now that would be a perfect thing to have! Your swap items are really gorgeous - congrats to both of you :)

    Beautiful picture of you at the Gallery - so nice to see you! x

  6. St. Jacobs is a treat for all the senses, isn't it? The yarn bowl is a wonderful piece of pottery and seeing the corn broom reminded me that two we have were from there years ago - and still good as new.
    For some reason your posts are not showing on my Bloglovin feed so I'll try to remember to visit periodically. Of course when there's no longer gardening to be done I'll be at my computer more.