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Winter Saree quilt..

new year project;

This quilt is going to be made out with purple and, light yellow saree pieces. (winter light does not bring out the proper colours though)

 I am using chain stitch and running stitch. I have done two blocks so far.

I also attempted to do a new stumpwork portrait. I used too much tension around the nose, that it became bit puckered. There is always another try.

Thank you for stopping over,
till next time,
xox Gaia

A new morning.....

another day,

......Healing inner.....
another year ...

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” 
― Rumi

fabric: a piece of an old shirt (home dyed using beetroot, tea and, turmeric)
thread : cotton embroidery
method: all hand stitched using running stitch and,chain stitch

 a new project ....

Thank you for stopping over,

till next time,