Kantha stitched flower vase

to hold the summer memories.....
Although, we didn't have a much of a summer weather this year, I drew a sketch for this project, inspired by the lovely gardens that I saw in and round my neighbourhood..

This is a small piece and, it took couple of weekends to complete. I used one layer of cotton and, to add more texture, for the doily part I added piece of home dyed fabric.

a weaving piece that I have been working on for sometime time..not much progress


 tiny tea trio was a purchase at Homesense Canada. (25 g  of black loose leaf tea) 

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I had just enough chunky yarn to make it go two rounds. And, sewed the ends together to make an infinity scarf. Pattern is from Crochet by Margaret Hubert.  I don't want to think about the snow yet though.

beginning of another small kantha piece.

adding few rows a day to other crochet project as well.

Urban vegetables gardens spotted during my weekend walks;

my indoor pumpkin creeper too had two more blossoms (few days apart). I don't think there ever will be a pumpkin though :) I am just pleased to admire the pretty blossoms.

beautiful September sun;

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