Saturday, 16 September 2017

I had just enough chunky yarn to make it go two rounds. And, sewed the ends together to make an infinity scarf. Pattern is from Crochet by Margaret Hubert.  I don't want to think about the snow yet though.

beginning of another small kantha piece.

adding few rows a day to other crochet project as well.

Urban vegetables gardens spotted during my weekend walks;

my indoor pumpkin creeper too had two more blossoms (few days apart). I don't think there ever will be a pumpkin though :) I am just pleased to admire the pretty blossoms.

beautiful September sun;

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  1. garden is looking so colourful. Crochet projects so good infinity scarf will be so useful come the winter and your embroidery is a lovely hand stitched project

  2. Your crochet infinity scarf is so pretty! Enjoy the last week of summer!

  3. What a pretty scarf to keep you the distant future, I hope. It's really beginning to cool off here, and it rained today. We do need that for the forest fires. Your pumpkin vine is so pretty.

  4. Really admiring those colours in the afghan! And the infinity scarf is so pretty too. Hasn't this September weather been amazing? Hopefully we won't be thrown hard into cold weather. I hope things cool down gently for us. I've been seeing a few pumpkins (or maybe they were squash) getting big out in the fields.