To keep warm..

this winter, my autumn colours triangle shawl.

 I am pleased how turned out...once again it is with all thrift-ed yarn. It really does brighten gloomy surroundings.

The only way, I could take few good pictures, (with some light) was outdoors. These were taken Sunday morning at the park; managed take few shots before my fingers went numb. I think it was about -7 or 8 celius.

it keeps me cosy & warm while tying a selfie on snowy Monday morning :) 

Inspiration Pinterest ..... a pair of ankle socks made from a sweater that I could not wear anymore.

I picked  up this Coca Cola tray at one of the Church Christmas sale's recently for 50 cents.  I simply liked the print on it. (not Coca Cola)  It is printed in 1976; a reproduction of 1916 WWI serving girl. A bit of browsing on ebay, I came across the original as well as the same re-print.

December sun 

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Happy Holidays and all the best for 2018!!



Autumn colours..

crochet triangle shawl..

I was able to put together, a sort a fall colour palate from my thrift-ed yarn lot. But don't think what I have so far will be sufficient for the size of shawl I have in mind; a trip to the thrift store is coming up  soon :)

I have also managed to add few more lines to the kantha quilt .....since the autumn light is not too favourable, I do most of the sewing on weekend mornings.

Tutorial for this can be found here;
I hand stitched everything; including all the details and used wadding instead of fusible webbing. I think it can be used either as a potholder or a hotpad.

 November sun and a walk in the park, I wanted to show the crocheted scarf I made this summer. 
(I m not good at taking selfie ....)

(a purchase from the thrift store, a pretty fridge magnet $1.99)

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Left-handed,left -over,left -over blanket

As you know, almost all of my crochet attempts, are done with thrift-ed yarn, with few exceptions. Most of these thrift-store bought yarn are left overs from others, occasionally I do find new ones with labels on. Since I started to learn crochet(2013), I too collected left-overs from left-overs :)

backing as well

and is my attempt on making a blanket out of them. It took about 10 months complete.
lots of ends to weave in

I used pure wool and acrylic but no cottons. There were some left-over granny squares from previous projects which I added.  It is an imperfect rectangle :)

....... Left-handed-left-over-left-over blanket ......

I gave the blanket to my cousin, she liked it a lot.

 .. this crochted scarf was for my aunt.

I have not done  much crafting lately, as I have been under the weather a bit. I think it is changing of the seasons.

lots of ginger tea helped...

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More stitching..

finished another small piece of kantha embroidery this weekend.

Make-over ..

I made these crochet flowers during summer, thinking of making a throw, after I made about 30 odd flowers I changed my mind. And, the flowers were left aside until some inspiration from Pinterest;

First, I tried to glue the flowers but it did not work, they kept falling down after couple minutes. So, I sewed each flower carefully making sure not to tear the fabric of the shade, and also not to make stitches visible on outside. The plain white shade has been there for about 7 years, and I think I like it better now than before.

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Colourful pumpkins....

I made these decorative pumpkins for my Tea and Card group, as part of our Thanksgiving exchange. 

Working on another piece of kantha embroidery..

Since, it is thanksgiving here in Canada, it is a long weekend, and I want to do some extra art and crafts. And, there 's lots of tea to taste too !! (from our tea and card exchange)

here i am trying close aligned running stitch 

Happy thanksgiving to all those who celebrate....

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Kantha stitched flower vase

to hold the summer memories.....
Although, we didn't have a much of a summer weather this year, I drew a sketch for this project, inspired by the lovely gardens that I saw in and round my neighbourhood..

This is a small piece and, it took couple of weekends to complete. I used one layer of cotton and, to add more texture, for the doily part I added piece of home dyed fabric.

a weaving piece that I have been working on for sometime time..not much progress


 tiny tea trio was a purchase at Homesense Canada. (25 g  of black loose leaf tea) 

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I had just enough chunky yarn to make it go two rounds. And, sewed the ends together to make an infinity scarf. Pattern is from Crochet by Margaret Hubert.  I don't want to think about the snow yet though.

beginning of another small kantha piece.

adding few rows a day to other crochet project as well.

Urban vegetables gardens spotted during my weekend walks;

my indoor pumpkin creeper too had two more blossoms (few days apart). I don't think there ever will be a pumpkin though :) I am just pleased to admire the pretty blossoms.

beautiful September sun;

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