Thursday, 13 April 2017

Easter Weekend

These coasters were made for my friends of  the Tea Group that I belong. They were for the Easter exchange. I found the pattern here, and the tutorial was easy to follow. 


I also included each a; teabag art turned into books marks.

This peacock has been waiting to get completed for awhile. Since, I did couple of bigger projects during winter and, also the winter light is not so favourable for embroidery work, it was left in my craft box.  Last couple of weekends had enough daylight for me to finish it, although I am not very satisfied with my attempt; there is more room for improvement. I think it is to time for me to visit the optician too:)

A new project with crewel wool. I found these persian yarn skeins at the thrift store which says both needlepoint and crewel yarn. I did few small pieces before with crewel wool and I liked the texture it brings and I'm looking forward to start this one to see how it will turn out.

For those friends who celebrate, have a wonderful Easter weekend  !!!

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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Burlap or (jute) cushion

Finally, I can show you what I did with the burlap piece I was working. I wish I was able to find a cushion more firmer. Once I finish the stitching , I folded in the extra space I left used blanket stitch to do the seams. I wanted to create a bohemian look, did I get that?

I must go by the the coffee shop for another bag..

This Sunday morning was warm and sunny, and I took the opportunity to walk  in and around my neighbourhood.

while walking saw signs of Spring ................ 

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Monday, 27 March 2017

Burlap (Jute)

Running stitches on a burlap sack using acrylic yarn/wool. You have to wait a bit more longer to see the final make. I am satisfied with the effort so far. Due to the gloomy weather it was difficult to get a decent photograph.

How do you like teabag art turned into maybe book-marks?

It rained quite a lot on saturday morning, so I spent most of the day doing crafts and having lots of tea.. it was wonderful. 

looking forward to may flowers ... 

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Monday, 20 March 2017

First day of


Bit of paint and stitches on a tea bag. The photograph did not come out well, as it was quite gloomy on saturday, with some snowing too.

continue working on the sewing/quilting piece as well. (this photo was taken sunday)

While browsing for crafting items, I came across these lovely handkerchives, in their original boxes; one of which is mens'(plain one) I am collecting hankies for while a now, with few ideas in mind. They were $2.99 a box.

Join me for a cup !

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Saturday, 11 March 2017

While waiting for spring..

I did finish my flower crochet throw. I spent most of the evenings working on it. It is not very large; approx. 36x56 inches.

As you know already, I do my crocheting using thrift-ed yarn; except when I make baby things, then I buy new from the store. Finally, when something is made out of all these odd n' ends, it does make me happy.

I tried much as possible to use yarn of similar colour and texture.  I didn't have enough green as same as flowers for the border, so I did use something little bulkier.

As soon as I finished (this morning) I wanted to take some pictures, and it is being very cold this weekend I had to do quickly before the sun hid behind the clouds. I think temperature was between -6c and -10c.

A little craft for the wall with the crochet flowers I made few weeks ago.

looking for signs for spring......

nothing yet...

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,

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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Sunny & a warm day..

in the middle of winter..

Bit of sewing..what is it going to be? you have to wait a bit longer.

It is being a sunny today, I was able to get a better picture to show you, of my woven pieces which are hanging in my living room. I had to move them around a bit to get into one shot.

dyeing fabric with  some home ingredients. this pot has boiled beet root water, tea leaves, orange peel, turmeric, vinegar and salt. I am waiting to see which colour will be prominent; probably turmeric.

This was beginning of the week; last Sunday evening. I think we got about 10cm of snow.

and by end of the week (saturday afternoon), it was like this.  All the snow was melting away so fast.....and it was about 11 celsius by Saturday afternoon.

Side walks were full of  people, also pets, lots were having ice cream. I even came upon a yard sale selling books and records. I walked a lot in and around the neighbourhood, and it was just wonderful to soak up some much needed sunshine before cold temperature returns.

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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Wooden spoon ..


This chipped wooden spoon has been in my  kitchen cupboard for awhile,

few times I thought of throwing it way but I did not. While browsing through Pinterest recently it gave me an idea ( actually many ideas). So here it is turned into this pincushion.

I used my naturally dyed fabric to make the egg shaped case and, used stuffing and rice to fill it. for the embellishments; jute ribbon, few crochet flowers and old lace.

 I spent most of the saturday morning doing this project so I could take few pictures before sun went away. (still could not get better ones) I am quite pleased with my effort.

A new crochet flower for my winter coat.

 Icicles and snow this week...brrrrrrrrrrr

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Sunday, 5 February 2017

These snowy days..

Bit of crocheting for a small project in mind. There was enough sunshine on saturday to get a clear picture.

Still working on weaving tail ends of the flower blocks. There are so many of them.

Beginning of a small sewing project for the winter, using remnants from the fabric box.

would like a cup of tea ?

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Another woven piece..

Adding few rows each day, I finished this piece little sooner than I thought. 

This time, I did not weave the ends in, rather let it hang on the side for a different look.  It does blend in with the other pieces I have done. They are all displayed on my living room wall. I could not get a clear picture to show you, due to the gloomy/fogy weather we have been having.

There is more ugly yarn ( I don' know that is the right word) to start on something new.

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