Elephants, peacocks ...and paisley

a bohemian  saree quilt

Back ground cotton material (both colours) has some machine embroidered patterns and, I thought of incorporating them as well to the patterns I have in mind.

The applique designs  do not have any templates, I draw them free hand on each block, or on the material and as I sew. They will look different from one another, which is what I have in mind. I am using cotton (mostly) for applique; I have cut up couple scarves that I no longer use among other scarps.

This project will keep me busy during the holiday break ....

Happy holidays my friends !

Here's wishing  a white Christmas ........

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Petal square crochet throw....

After joining all the squares, I made a border; couple of rows of hdc with a darker shade of purple I had.

Using my edging book, I tried out an easy edging which could be added to an already crocheted item.   These edgings are done separately for lingerie,pillow cases, bath linen etc., Luckily with the pattern I chose, I manged to crocheted all around the border with out having to leave extra stitches.

I got the book from a yard sale. It says copyright  1945 printed in Canada for The Canadian Spool Cotton Co, and price is marked as fifteen cents. It has so many beautiful trimmings and edgings.

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Autumn Saree Quilt...

After about three months of stitching, finally completed the saree quilt. 

I am pleased with the colour choices and the layout. And, I think the overall appearance is alright.

I did run out  (about two inches )of the blue border material, and used the purple checked one, to the ends of two sides.

I used the machine only to join the large pieces, everything else is done by hand.

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