Autumn Saree Quilt...

After about three months of stitching, finally completed the saree quilt. 

I am pleased with the colour choices and the layout. And, I think the overall appearance is alright.

I did run out  (about two inches )of the blue border material, and used the purple checked one, to the ends of two sides.

I used the machine only to join the large pieces, everything else is done by hand.

Thank you for passing by to see my work,

till next time,


  1. this is so good and must have been quite difficult to do with being sari fabric, I expect it was quite slippy and not easy to work with, impressed that you have hand sewn most of it too

  2. I love the colors of your saree quilt.

  3. That is a lot of hand sewing! The quilt looks great Gaia, and the colours look so good together. I like your solution to the shortage of blue fabric, a cute little detail ;) Have a great week!

  4. Beautifully done and the colours are lovely!


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